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Factory & Territory

Bergamo’s evolution

The province of Bergamo is evolving on several fronts. The main one is tourism, to promote not only our city but also the riches of the natural surroundings.

Tourism and gastronomy go hand in hand at international level: the province of Bergamo, in fact, is part of the European project “European Region of Gastronomy”.

Did you know that Italian province of Bergamo currently holds the record of P.D.O. cheeses?

Here you find our magnificent nine:

1. Taleggio

2. Formai de Mut

3. Bitto

4. Grana Padano

5. Gongorzola

6. Quartirolo lombardo

7. Provolone Valpadana

8. Salva Cremasco

9. Strachitunt Valtaleggio


Bergamo’s valleys

Snowy peaks and forests that seem to come from tales … Yes: one of the glories of the province of Bergamo are the valleys, very characteristic for their unspool nature and a rich assortment of flora and fauna.

Bergamo has four main valleys, which are:

“Valle Brembana”: passed by Brembo river, which born from a mount called “Pizzo del Diavolo” and flow in Adda river. It is a rich manufacturing and cultural center, where there was the old “Via Mercatorum” which likes Zogno, one of the bigger village in Valle Brembana, to the rest of this valley;

“Valle Seriana”: passed by Serio river is the biggest valley in Bergamo and it is divided in three parts (low Seriana, middle Seriana and high Seriana). One of the most beautiful things is the summer opening of Serio’s fall in the village of Valbondione.

“Val di Scalve”: which is sited in the north of Bergamo near Sondrio and Brescia. It is has famous skiing station of Azzone and Colere.

“Valle Imagna”: near Lecco and traveled by Imagna river (which flow in Brembo river), is the ideal valley for tourism is the nature. One of the most characteristic places is the natural sanctuary of “Cornabusa”, sited in a cavern.

Little but with a big cheese culture is the “Val Taleggio”, between Bergamo and Lecco. This valley hosts in summertime meadows and pastures; here was born Taleggio cheese.

A little of Taleggio’s story

Initially the name of this cheese was “stracchino”; the cows, after the period, came weary (in Bergamasco dialect “stracch”) in plain, here is the origin of the name. Today for “stracchino” means a softer cheese that has spread to other areas of Lombardy. Its production has grown with time.

The name Taleggio is due to Hamilcar Arrigoni, a Bergamasco person immigrated to France; in 1996 the Taleggio obtain D.O.P certification. In 1981 was created a consortium of Taleggio, which has as its objectives the protection and development of the cheese.