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About Us - Casera Martinelli

Martinelli's family

Tradition: this is the right word for Martinelli’s family from the origins of their activity.

In Val Taleggio Martinelli’s family decided to produce a traditional cheese, Taleggio.

Becoming successful in selling cheese also in Bergamo’s lowland, in 1943 Giovanni Martinelli founded a company named “La Casera di Martinelli”. The history tells that at the beginning only three products were made and sold: they were Taleggio, Gongorzola, and Grana Padano.

After the Second World War Giovanni Pietro Martinelli, son of Giovanni, decided to improve the company: in the 1955 he moved the headquarter in Almè, a village located at the entry of Valle Brembana and he started to produce more than 50 cheese.

The enthusiasm and the memory of the origin’s activity have been the engine for the search of new products and new clients. In the 80s Gianni and Emanuela, Giovanni Pietro’s sons, took part in the activity and they arrived to produce 100 types of cheese.

Martinelli's philosophy

“La Casera di Martinelli”, after 70 years between cheeses, could be compared to a tree.

Roots, which are strong in Bergamo’s land, symbolize the value of tradition: the Martinelli family manages the company in the name of cheese-making tradition of Bergamo;

The trunk, the most important part of a tree, symbolize solidity of this Bergamo’s family, that, from grandparents to the sons, has created a company projected also to foreign markets;

Branches, which grow up in the time and becoming denser, are the symbol of innovation and quality, which over the years have become the most important corporate values, constantly looking for new products and services to offer to their customers.

The slogan  of “La Casera di Martinelli” is “Always good cheese”: it summarizes the entire history of the family and the cheese-making tradition of the Bergamo valleys.